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Mountain Biking

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Sedona is a world-class Mountain biking destination full of amazing desert riding. Sedona’s has an extensive trail system. There are easy routes like Bell Rock Pathway so that the whole family can get out into the red rocks. There are flowy, fast sand and slickrock single tracks, like Llama Trail, for the intermediate-advance mountain biker. There are also some sketchy scary high and tight technical routes like Made in the Shade, Hiline, and Hangover for those thrill seekers out there.

We have a secure garage for our mountain biker guests to store their bikes and gear.

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Stop by Absolute bikes, a bike shop within walking distance of us for current updates on trail status, as new routes are being added to the system every few months. They are a great source for mountain bike rentals and supplies.

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Sedona Core Trails Outdoor Recreation Map:  This map has the most up to date trail information  and includes descriptions for 14 of Sedona's best mountain bike rides.  This map features elevation profiles, trail mileages, and trail difficulty symbols.  You can pick this up at Absolute bikes which is a short walk from our Boutique Hotel.

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MTB Project::   For great online information on trails with very detailed descriptions of trails visit

  • VVCC

Verde Valley Cycilist Coalition: The mission of the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition is to improve the bicycling environment and thereby the quality of life in the region. We do this by promoting bicycle safety, education and facilities, and by encouraging use of the bicycle as an energy-efficient, economical and nonpolluting form of transportation and as a healthful and enjoyable form of recreation.   They are a great source for mountain biking information for our area!  

Trails Near Us

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  • bell-rock-path

Bell Rock Pathway:  This trail is a short ride away from our Sedona Boutique Hotel.  Locals call this the "boat ramp" as it is the launching site to many of Sedona's great loop rides.  This is a popular beginner out and back.  The trail is mostly smooth but there are many short sections of small rock ledges.  If you want to add more miles you can add Big Park Loop to your ride.

Length:  7 miles out and back  Season: All Year   Skill Level: Beginner

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Big Park Loop:  This is a popular single track loop with superb views of Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte and Rabbit Ears. This trail is a good introduction to Sedona's singletracks.  This is a great trail for beginners. The trailhead is an easy ride (only .4 miles) from our Sedona Boutique hotel.

Length: 2.1 miles  Season:  All Year     Skill level: Beginner

  • baldwin trail

Cathedral Rock / Baldwin Loop: This ride has it all, views, slickrock, single track and a swimming hole!  Starting at the trailhead at Bell Rock take the Bell Rock Pathway to the Templeton Trail all the way around Cathedral Rock then turn Left at the Baldwin Trail and do the entire loop (2 miles) then go back the way you came.

Length:  11 miles           Season: All Year                Skill Level:  Advanced

  • Slim Shady Trail

Slim Shady / Little Horse Loop: This is a popular mountain bike ride with many locals. You access the Slim Shady Trail behind our Red Rock suites. Take the Slim Shady Trail to the HT Trail to Bell Rock Pathway to the Littlehorse Trail out to Chicken Point back to Littlehorse Trail  to the Llama trail to Courthouse Butte to Bell Rock Pathway and  to Hwy 179 and back to our Sedona Boutique Bed and Breakfast style Hotel.

Length: about a 10 mile loop Season: All Year  Skill Level: Advanced

Slim Shady /Hiline Trail loop: For this loop you start behind our Red Rock Suites building on the Slim Shady trail.  You pick up the Hiline trail at about 1.3 miles. The Hiline trail has many sections of serious height exposure. If you do not have expert biking skills you should walk your bike many times. After another 3.1 miles you intersect with the Baldwin trail.  After .5 miles you pick up the Tempelton trail which goes around Cathedral Rock.  Follow this trail until it goes under HW 179.  From here you pick up Bell Rock pathway which takes you to the parking lot just .4 miles from our Sedona Boutique hotel.

Length; 9.7 miles  Season: All Year  Skill Level: Expert

Trails Near Us and Just North of Us

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  • broken-arrow trail

Broken Arrow Trail to Little Horse Loop: This loop has numerous intermediate sections with many advanced short sections.  This is a great ride due to its twisty turney very scenic character.  The trailhead is located off Morgan road at the Broken Arrow parking lot.  Take the Broken Arrow Trail to the Little Horse Trail to Bell Rock Pathway past the Little Horse parking lot to the Mystic Trail.  Ride Mystic to the end and take Hwy 179 about 300 yards back to Morgan Road and the Broken Arrow parking lot.

Length: 6.4 miles  Season:  All Year  Skill Level: Intermediate with some Advanced sections

  • Llama Trail

Llaama Trail Loop: This trail is a quick ride from our Sedona Bed and Breakfast hotel. You start off following the Bell Rock Pathway to the Little Horse Trail. Take Little Horse Trail to the Llama trail (a technical single track trail) and follow it back to Bell Rock Pathway. On this ride you get views of Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Cathedral Rock, Rabbit Ears, Twin Buttes and Thumb Butte.

Length: 8 mile loop     Season: September - June   Skill Level: Advanced

  • baldwin trail

Templeton to Baldwin Loop:  This is a mostly intermediate out and back with advanced sections and a very challenging descent and climb that will test advanced riders. The trailhead starts at the Courthouse Vista parking lot which is an easy ride from our Sedona Boutique hotel.

Length: 5.8 miles   Season: All Year   Skill Level: Intermediate with some Advanced Sections

  • llama trail

Templeton and Lama Loop:   The Templeton/Lama Loop is a mostly intermediate ride with several advanced sections.  This trail starts at the Courthouse vista Parking Lot on the East side of Hwy 179. The Courthouse vista is an easy ride from our Sedona Boutique Bed and Breakfast style hotel via Bell Rock Pathway.

Length:  5 miles  Season: All Year  Skill Level:  Intermediate with some Advanced sections

West Sedona Trails

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Deadman's Pass Loop:  This ride starts on the Powerline Trail for 1.1 miles then turn left on the Dawa Trail.  Next you go Right at Boynton Pass road (pavement).  After about a half mile continue Left on Long Canyon Road (more pavement) and then turn Left on Long Canyon Trail. After a mile turn left again onto Deadmans Pass Trail to Boynton Pass Road (pavement) which takes you back to your startng point.  This trail can be linked up with Cockscomb Loop for a figure 8 ride.

Length: 6.4 miles      Season:  All Year        Skill Level:  Intermediate

  • huckaby trail

Huckaby Trail Loop:  This is a very fun rough winding single track trail that goes into Bear Wallow Canyon, back up the other side, follows along above Oak Creek then down to the creek.  After crossing the creek it's up to Midgley Bridge and up Wilson Canyon Trail and over to Jim Thompson Trail and back to Schnebly Hill Road

Length: 8.5 mile loop         Season: Sept - June           Skill Level: Expert

  • chimney rock trail

Lower Chimney Rock Loop:  This is a mostly intermediate loop that has some technical up and downs that an intermediate rider may walk. It is suggested that you ride this trail in a clockwise direction unless you like challenging uphill riding.  This trail starts off the thunder Mountain trailhead off Thunder Mountain Road.

Length:  1.4 miles  Season:  Most times of the year Skill Level: Intermediate

  • cockscomb trail

Cockscomb Area Trails:  Cockscomb Area Trails: This interconnected series of trails is in the Dry Creek area of Sedona. Included are Girdner, Arizona Cypress, Dawa, Cockscomb, Rupp and OK trails. Various loop hikes can be made by combining all or parts of several trails.  In general, these trails are well suited to biking, have easy to moderate grades with little overall elevation change, and are well signed.

 Length: 2.5 - 16+ miles                 Season:  All Year                  Skill Level:  Novice

  • long canyon

Long Canyon to Deadmans to Aerie to Cockscomb to Dawa to Anaconda to Girdner:  This is a great Intermediate cross country ride that starts on Long Canyon Trail to Deadmans Trail. Both Long Canyon and Deadmans are old roads, rocky in places but easier than a singletrack. Deadmans ends at Boyton Canyon Trailhead. Continue straight here on the Aerie Trail, a singletrack, then onto the Cockscomb singletrack to the Rupp Trail junction. Turn left and stay on Cockscomb. This section is an old jeep road. Ride this to Dawa Trail. Turn left and then almost immediately turn right to stay on Dawa. Follow Dawa to the paved Boynton Canyon road. Ride the road Northeast back to the Long Canyon Trailhead

Length: 15.3 miles  Season:  All Year  Skill Level:  Intermediate

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Ridge Trail to Carroll Canyon Loop:  This is a mostly intermediate loop of several trails with rocky sections that even advanced riders may walk.  We suggest you ride this in counter clockwise direction.  This ride starts on the Ridge trail off of Shelby road in West Sedona.  At.5 miles you go right on Carroll Canyon after another .6 mile you go left on the Old Post Road.  Next you go left on Carroll Canyon trail for another mile and then straight on the Ridge Trail and continue back to the parking lot.

Length:  4.3 miles  Season:  All Year  Skill Level: Intermediate with some Advanced sections

  • Lime Kiln Trail

Lime Kiln Trail:  This is a somewhat rugged scenic 15 mile trail that starts at the Red Rock State Park and ends at the Dead Horse Ranch State Park.  The route consists of rocky technical single track near the Red Rock State Park to the Lower Red Rock Loop Rd. This first section of trail will have sections that even an advanced skilled rider will need to hike short sections due to difficult trail sections.

Lenght: 15 miles one way  Season:  All Year  Skill Level: Advanced

  • sugarloaf summit trail

Teacup to Soldiers Pass Out and Back : This ride starts at the Sugarloaf trail which takes you to the Tea Cup trail.  Follow this to the Soldier Pass Jeep road and turn left on the road.  Follow this for 1.7 miles to the end where you spot the single track. This section of trail ends at a sinkhole. From the sinkhole head right on another short road segment to intersect the Soldier Pass Jeep Road again. Turn right to go back the way you came.

Length: 5.1 miles Season: All Year Skill Level: Intermediate with Advanced Sections

  • sugarloaf summit trail

Sugarloaf Loop:  This is a mostly intermediate ride with numerous advanced sections of short steep spots or short technical sections.  This trail starts in West Sedona at the Sugarloaf Trailhead off Buena Vista Drive.

Length: 1.5 miles  Season: Most of the Year  Skill Level:  Intermediate with many Advanced Sections.

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