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  • Airport Mesa

Airport Loop:  The trail circles the upper slope of Airport Mesa (Table Top Mountain).  There are great red rock views from northeast to south over lower Oak Creek Valley. It is a mostly level trail for the first mile and then it begins a gradual and then moderate ascent over basalt boulders to the top of the south corner of the mesa.

Length: 3.6 Miles   Season: All year     GPS: 34° 51′ 55.325″N, 111° 46.783′ W


  • bear sign trail

Bear Sign Trail: An infrequently used trail that has a true remote feel. It is shady, and can be hiked in summer. Begin on Dry Creek Trail. Its signed trailhead is west of the parking area across a wash. The trail immediately enters Wilderness Area and turns right as it meets Dry Creek and follows along this usually dry streambed.

Length:  3.25 miles one way  Season:  All Year   GPS: N34° 56.240, W-111° 47.686′

  • bell-rock-path

Bell Rock Pathway: This trailis within walking distance of our Sedona Boutique hotel. It is a 3½ mile trail linking the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona. Along this pathway you'll enjoy fantastic views of Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, and other landmarks. Most of the pathway has a wide, hard surface. Bell Rock is considered on of the strongest vortexes in Sedona .

Length: 3.7 miles        Season: All Year                 GPS: 34° 47.486′ N, 111° 45.699'W


  • Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon: As you start this hike you are on the back side of Enchantment Resort.  You follow their fence for about a mile before escaping it into the wilderness.  This is a popular hike with nice red rock views (above the fence) but there are many more hikes in Sedona that we would recommend before this one. Once you pass the Enchantment Resort Fence most of your views are blocked by the trees of the forest.  

Length:  7.5 miles   Season:  All year except when snow is present   GPS: 34° 54.503′ N, 111° 50.877'W

  • brins-mesa trail

Brins Mesa:  The trail begins right at the edge of the town of Sedona and is an easy drive from our bed and breakfast. Instead of keeping you tucked away in a deep canyon or clinging to the side of a steep slope as do a lot of other trails in this area, it leads you right out into the open where you can enjoy unobstructed views of the spectacular red rock formations for which the Sedona area and Oak Creek Canyon are famous.

Length: 3 miles         Season: All Year              GPS: 34° 53.287′ N; 111° 46.098′ W

  • carroll canyon trail

Carroll Canyon Trail:  This trail is accessed from the Old Post Trail near the Airport Mesa showing hikers the best part of Carroll Canyon.

Length: 3.9 mile loop  Season: All Year   GPS: N34° 49.998', W-111° 48.634′

  • Casner Canyon

Casner Canyon Trail:  Bring your wading shoes for this one.  You'll be wading clear, cool Oak Creek early in the hike.  According to historians, this trail was built to provide cattle grazers a means of getting their stock from water to pastures on the canyon rim.  Today it is used by hikers for access into the heart of landscape most people only see through their telephoto lens.

Length: 5 miles total   Season: April to November  GPS:  34° 53.613′ N, 111°43.973'W.

  • chimneyrock trail

Chimney Rock Loop:  Chimney Rock is a prominent landmark in Sedona and is an easy drive from our bed and breakfast. This trail is a loop hike that takes you to the top of the ridge from which the spire rises for nice views.

Length: 2.25 miles Season: All Year     GPS: 34° 52.325′ N, 111° 48.737'W

  • Cibola Pass Trail

Cibola Pass Loop:  This trail is close to uptown Sedona and has spectacular views.  When Cibola Pass Trail is combined with Jordan Trail it makes a nice 1.8 mile loop hike.  There is also the option to continue on the Jordan Trail to the Soldier Pass trail where you can visit Devils Kitchen and Seven Sacred Pools.  This would add an additional 2 miles to your hike.

Length:  1.8 miles or more  Season:  All Year   GPS:  34° 53.287′ N, 111°46.098'W.


  • cockscomb trail

Cockscomb Area Trails:  This interconnected series of trails is in the Dry Creek area of Sedona.  Included are Girdner, Arizona Cypress, Dawa, Cockscomb, Rupp and OK trails.  Various loop hikes can be made by combining all or parts of several trails.

Length:  2.5 - 16+ miles  Season:  All Year    GPS: N34° 53.612, W-111° 51.943′

  • devils bridge

Devils Bridge :  This is a short hike into a beautiful canyon. For a cool view, stand directly under the 50 foot high arch and look up.  But it's the topside trail that provides the biggest treat. Follow it up a steep, natural rock staircase that leads directly to Devil's Bridge. At the top there are beautiful views of the canyon and Dry Creek Basin. If you have the nerve, you can walk across the top of the arch.

Length: .8 miles  or more   Season: All year        GPS: N34° 54′ 10.26″, W-111° 48′ 49.716″

  • Doe-Mountain

Doe Mountain:  This Sedona trail not only provides a big dividend of scenery for a moderate outlay of exertion but it is easily accessible and an easy drive from our Sedona Bed and Breakfast. The Doe Mountain Trail switchbacks directly up the north side of this low, flat-topped Mesa. As you climb, you'll want to take time out to enjoy the excellent views of the surrounding countryside. If you only have a small amount of time to spend in Sedona, or only want to take a short hike, this is the one we would recommend!

Length: 0.7 miles to the top of the mesa, 1.3 miles around the edge.
Season: Year Round                GPS: N34° 53′ 37.14″, W-111° 51′ 55.224″

  • huckaby trail

Huckaby Trail:  This trail, constructed in 1998, is never far from the sights and sounds of Sedona. It is a pretty trail which offers a variety of views. It can be hiked from the Schnebly Hill trailhead or from Midgley Bridge.  The center part of the trail runs along the banks of Oak Creek.

Length: 3 miles         Season: All Year         GPS: N34° 51.988, W-111° 44.942′

  • Llama Trail

Llama trail:  This loop hike parallels Lee Mountain and runs south  toward Courthouse Butte through interesting and scenic terrain.  This is a popular trail with mountain bikers. This trail provides outstanding views of Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Twin Buttes, and Cathedral Rock.  This trail is within walking or riding distance of our Sedona Boutique hotel.

Length:  2.75 miles  Season:  All Year   GPS:  34° 48.845′ N, 111°45.950'W.

  • Loy-canyon trail 1

Loy Canyon:This easy to hike trail in Sedona leads up a desert wilderness canyon offering excellent views not only at trail's end, but all along the way as well. Natural rock sculptures carved by flash floods and spring runoff that seasonally course down this normally dry streambed provide scenic settings for lunch stops along the way.

Length: 5 Miles         Season: All year             GPS: N34° 55′ 55.848″, W-111° 55′ 30.036″.


  • mescal trail 2

Mescal Trail:  This is a new trail that starts south of the Long Canyon Trailhead.  Mescal is a popular trail with mountain bikers.  This narrow trail winds its way toward Mescal Mountain.  The trail skirts the base rather than climbing Mescal Mountain this a relativly flat trail.

Length:  4.78 mile loop    Season:  All Year   GPS: N34° 54.395, W-111° 49.476′

  • 008

Slim Shady / Made in The Shade Loop: Take the Slim Shady Trail to the Made in the Shade. This trail is a great trail for picture taking as it gets you up high on the ridge with fantastic views of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. After about 1.5 miles you connect back up with the Slim Shady trail. From here you can either go right which will take you back where you started or go left and continue on with connections to many other trails. 

Length: 2.82 miles  Rating: Moderate  Season: Year 'round
Location: You access the Slim Shady Trail behind our Red Rock suites 

  • slime shady trail

Slim Shady / Templeton / Bell Rock Pathway Loop: This is a little known hiking trail that is popular with many local mountain bikers. You access the Slim Shady Trail behind our Red Rock suites. Take the Slim Shady Trail to the Tempelton Trail to Bell Rock Pathway and to Hwy 179 and back to our Sedona Boutique B&B style hotel.

Length: 6 miles total Season: All Seasons

  • soldiers pass arches

Soldiers Pass Arches:  This is an interesting hike in West Sedona.  On this hike you pass Devil's Kitchen, the areas biggest sinkhole and Seven Sacred Pools. The trail to the arches is a primitive steep and narrow trail off of Soldier Pass Trail and is easy to miss if you aren't paying attention.

Length: 3 Miles total      Season: All year             GPS: N34° 53.060, W-111° 47.025′

  • devils kitchen

Soldiers Pass Trail:  This trail takes you through a colorful redrock area to the top of Brins Mesa.  After .2 miles you reach Devil's Kitchen, the areas biggest sinkhole.  At .6 miles you pass the Seven sacred Pools.  These pools hold water even in dry periods. At 1.25 miles you pass the trail to Soldiers Pass Arches.

Length: 4.4 Miles total Season: All year GPS: N34° 53.060, W-111° 47.025′

  • sugarloaf summit trail

Sugarloaf Trail & Summit:  This is an in and out hike located in West Sedona with views of Coffee Pot rock, Capital butte and Sedona.  Though it is a short hike the trail to the summit is steep but well worth the hike up.

Length: 3.3 miles  Season:  All Year  GPS: N34° 52.459, W-111° 47.780′

  • Twin Pillars Trail

Twin Pillars:   The hike starts on an  old road to the south that is closed by a barrier of stones.  The road ends at the foot of the butte where you will see a well worn footpath going uphill. Though the trail is not marked it is easy to follow. The trail makes good use of the terrain to climb the butte gradually. It is not very steep. At the top you come to the saddle . The Twin Pillars for which the trail is named are to your right. Some thoughtful soul even built a bench on the ridge. It’s possible to explore the ridge and even climb to a point between the two buttes, but be sure to watch your footing!

Length: 2 miles total  Season:  All Year    GPS: N34° 48.575, W-111° 49.087′

  • white mesa trail

White Mesa Trail:  This trail gently ascends the west side of the canyon and ends a gate.  A short hike from the gate to the top of White Mesa provides a panoramic view of the surrounding area including Apache Maid Mountain, the San Francisco Peaks and the Red Rocks of Sedona.

Length: 6 miles total  Season: Winter, Spring & Fall GPS: N34° 40.450, W-111° 42.812′