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  • Allens Bend Trail

Allen's Bend Trail: This trail starts at Grasshopper Point and is an easy ramble with Oak Creek on one side and red cliffs on the other.  This trail is shaded all the way and is a good option for warmer summer days. There are several unofficial side trails that take you down to the creek which is a nice way to cool off.

Length:  1 mile    Season:  All Year      GPS: 34° 53.247′ N, 111° 43.882'W.

  • red rock crossing

Baldwin Trail:  This trail starts off near Oak Creek then turns away from it and goes through a pass between Cathedral Rock and un-named butte.  This trail also connects with the Templeton trail for a side trip to Cathedral Rock.

Length: 2 miles        Season:  All Year         GPS: 34° 49.307′ N, 111° 48.488'W


  • Bell Rock

Bell Rock Trail: Bell Rock is a Sedona landmark and is one of the famed Sedona Vortexes. People have reported feeling the Vortex energy in many places on Bell Rock so explore it and see what you feel. This is a short hike with great views and is within walking distance of our Sedona Bed Boutique hotel. 

Length:  1 mile    Season:  All Year      GPS: 34° 48.175′ N, 111° 46.022'W.


  • big park loop hike

Big Park Loop:  This trail is within walking distance of our Sedona B&B style hotel. Big Park Loop starts at the trail for Bell Rock Pathway.  When it reaches Courthouse Butte Loop trail it skirts Courthouse Butte and goes East making a loop back to the parking lot.  This trail is popular with both hikers and mountain bikers.

Length: 2.6 miles     Season: All Year           GPS: 34° 47.486′ N, 111° 45.699'W.


  • broken-arrow trail

Broken Arrow:  Broken Arrow Trail is an easy and popular hike or Mountain Bike ride on a good trail with great red rock scenery. At about .5 miles, there is a Sinkhole called Devil's Dining Room, a local landmark.At 1 mile there is a junction. The trail on the left will take you to Submarine rock, while the trail to the right will take you to Chicken Point. The trail to Chicken Point winds around the base of Twin Buttes. At Chicken point you are able to go out onto the slickrock and enjoy great views.

Length: 3.4 miles     Season: All Year     GPS: N34° 50′ 43.6914″, W-111° 45′ 23.6154″

  • boynton visa trail

Boynton Canyon Vista Trail: This is a short trail that goes to the top of the toe of the rock formation. It then winds around to the back side, where you climb red rock ledges to a saddle topped by two spires. This bare rock at the saddle is the place often referred to as a Vortex site. At the top, you can see over into Boynton Canyon. You will see numerous unmarked side trails going off in every direction. These are social trails and are not maintained by the forest service. Along the trail, if you look in the trees, you will notice heart shaped red rocks tucked in the branches...I'll have to find out the story behind this!

Length: .6 miles        Season: Year Round       GPS: N34° 54.459′ , W-111° 50.952″

  • coffeepot rock trail

Coffee Pot Trail:  Coffee Pot Rock is a famous landmark in Sedona. This trail takes you along a ledge to Coffee Pot where the cliffs are beautiful. At trails end the spout towers above you.

Length: 1.25 miles      Season: Year Round     GPS: N34° 52.457′, W-111° 47.795′ 

  • Courthouse-Butte-TH-256x198

Courthouse Butte Loop:  This fine trail takes you up close and personal to our Sedona Red Rocks, Courthouse Butte and Bell rock. The trail makes a circle around Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock. This trail is within walking distance of our Sedona Boutique B&B style hotel.  This is a fun hike to do in the morning before breakfast in the summer.

Length: 4.2 miles         Season: Year Round       GPS: 34° 47.486'N, 111° 45.699'W

  • Fay Canyon trail

Fay Canyon:  Most people go to Fay Canyon to see the natural arch that is located about .5 miles up the trail.  Those who don't know about it usually walk past it without even noticing it.  There is a short steep trail up to the arch that is worth the climb up.  The main trail dead ends at a Supai sandstone cliff where you can see some evidence of some ancient Indian dwellings while enjoying the beautiful red rock formations around you.

Length: 1.1 miles one way       Season: Year Round          GPS: 34° 53.612'N, 111° 51.943'W

  • Kel Fox Trail

Kel Fox Trail:  This trail follows an old cattle trail from a pond up to Deer Pass from which you can see over the Village of Oak Creek area and then descend over the other side. 

Length:  4 miles      Season:  All Year      GPS: 34° 45.014′ N, 111° 46.931'W.

  • web-photo-259

Little Horse Trail: This is an easy hike on relatively flat ground that ends up at Chicken Point, a well known landmark. Little Horse Trail begins as part of the Bell Rock Pathway.  This is a popular trail with mountain bikers.

Length: 3.6 miles   Season:  All Year   GPS: 34° 49.444′ N, 111° 46.539'W


  • Margs Draw

Marg's Draw Trail: This is a beautiful trail surrounded by Munds Mountain, Lee Mountain and Twin Buttes. There are also great views of Snoopy Rock, Uptown Sedona, Capitol Butte, Wilson Mountain and Steamboat Rock.  The hike can be extended to the north using Huckaby Trail and to the south using Broken Arrow Trail.

Length: 3.8 Miles total         Season: All year                GPS: N34° 51.397, W-111° 45.287′

  • parsons trail

Parsons Trail: This hike is a pleasant stroll along a cool, clear desert stream set in a magnificent red rock canyon. The trail leads through the lower reaches of this wilderness through a riparian area rich in plant and animal life. Colorful cliffs that are a unique mix of dark columnar basalt, red sandstone, and buff colored limestone enclose the lush green of the oasis.  This is a nice to do in the Summer when you can take advantage of the many swimming holes!

Length: 4 miles       Season: All year

  • robbers-roost

Robbers Roost:  Also known as Shamans Cave. The trail takes you to a short slickrock section where you walk out on the sloping face of the butte. If heights or narrow trails with a drop off on one side make you jittery, this is not the trail for you. You will see the cave after you have walked a few yards.There are two distinct sets of ruins within this rock formation.

Length: 1 mile (round-trip)        Season: All Year                GPS: 34° 555.857′ N; 111° 5.321′

  • vultee arch trail

Vultee Arch Trail:  This easy hike in West Sedona takes you to a natural arch in a beautiful box canyon.  The route is mostly shaded making it a good hike in hot weather.  The trail crosses a usually dry creek bed several times. The trail ends at a bronze memorial plaque in for Gerald and Sylvia Vultee who crashed their plane in nearby East Pocket.

Length: 1.75 miles        Season: Year Round            GPS: N34° 56.228, W-111° 47.661

  • Weir-Trail

Weir Trail: The vegetation found near the junction of the Bell and Weir Trails is typical Upper Sonoran species: prickly pear, agave, catclaw and juniper. Once you reach the creek, the vegetation changes to Arizona black walnut, willow, ash, sycamore, cottonwood, canyon grape, and blackberries. The trail continues upstream and enters the Wet Beaver Wilderness and ends at a large cobbled area where the creek comes in from the northeast. This is a nice place to have a picnic and take a swim!

Length: 2.75           Season: Year Around            GPS: 34° 40.450'N,' 111° 42.812'W

  • West Fork Trail

West Fork Oak Creek: The trail is marked for the first three miles; however, many hikers continue beyond that. Eventually the pathway ends and you will be forced to hike in the stream bed as you continue into the Secret Mountain/Red Rocks Wilderness. If you choose to travel all 14 miles from one end of the canyon to the other, plan to do a lot of wading and boulder hopping, and even some swimming. This is a great trail to hike in the summer as much of the trail is shaded.

Length: 14 miles Season: Year Round   GPS: N34° 59′ 25.3314″, W-111° 44′ 14.244″