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Paradise for Bird Watchers

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Maybe you've had enough hiking, biking and touring; now it's time to really relax, to listen to beautiful birds that whistle while they work. Sedona is situated at an elevation of 4,500 feet, at the upper margin of the Sonoran Desert. According to the Northern Arizona Audubon Society, this elevation, combined with a distinct change of seasons and rich riparian areas, results in a varied population of birds and thus, good birding any time of the year.

Although birders have discovered southeastern Arizona, the bird-watching paradise in Sedona and the Verde Valley is still a well-kept secret. The area, which encompasses the communities of Camp Verde, Clarkdale, Cornville, Cottonwood, Page Springs, Jerome and Sedona, offers abundant year-round opportunities for bird watching. This area attracts nearly a third of the 900 species of birds in the United States and Canada--from the miniature hummingbird to broad-winged raptors.

The Northern Arizona Audubon Society has identified two "important birding areas," the 76 acres of prime wildlife habitat at Lower Oak Creek in Page Springs and Tavasci Marsh, one of the few fresh-water marshes in Arizona. The marsh adjoins Tuzigoot National Monument and Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

Cardinal at Adobe Village Graham Inn


Other excellent birding sites in the area include:

Adobe Village Graham Inn Boutique Hotel:  On the back patio of our Sedona Boutique B&B style hotel we have bird feeders and hummingbird feeders.  So far we have observed Gambel's Quail (very fun to watch when their babies are young and chasing behind them), Cooper's Hawk, Scrub Jay, Bluebirds, Robins, Phainopepla, Western Tanager, Northern Cardinal, black-headed Grosbeak, Oriole, lots of House finch's, and lots of hummingbirds (especially in August). In August we go though a gallon of hummingbird food a day...that's alot of hummingbirds!

Beasley Flat, a lush riparian area just a few miles south of the town of Camp Verde.

Camp Verde Riparian Preserve.125 acres owned and managed by the Salt River Project "to provide habitat for the endangered southwestern willow flycatcher and the yellow-billed cuckoo." Many other species also flock to the site.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park, a 423-acre park, which is an oasis for wildlife and includes the Verde River Greenway with its cottonwood-willow habitat along the Verde River.

Mingus Mountain, an easily accessible high-altitude home for bluebirds, white-breasted nuthatches, olive warblers and other species.

Montezuma Well, a riparian habitat that attracts water birds and open-country species, such as flycatchers, vireos and thrashers. It is a nesting home for hawks, cuckoos and canyon and rock wrens.

Oak Creek Canyon, a diverse riparian area and the state's second most popular canyon. Possible sightings range from the black-chinned sparrow and bridled titmouse to peregrine falcons, hummingbirds, tanagers, towhees, vireos and other species.

Red Rock State Park,Meet up with other bird lovers at the visitors center every Wednesday and Saturday morning and enjoy a leisurely stroll through one of the most popular parks in Northern Arizona . Bird enthusiasts can join a naturalist for a “Guided Bird Walk”. Beginning as well as advanced birders are welcome. Rangers recommend that visitors being their own binoculars. A limited number are available for loan from the Park. To contact the park about schedules, or reservations for some of their most popular hikes, call 928.282.6907 or visit

Sycamore Canyon, where black-hawk and bald eagles nest and there are possible sightings of other birds such as hawks, doves, herons and migrating sparrows. The canyon is accessible by hiking and the Verde Canyon Railroad.

Humming Birds at our Red Rock Suites

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Sedona Humming Bird Festival

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The Second Sedona Hummingbird Festival will take place August 1,2 & 3, 2014.

Ticket sales will begin approximately May 1.

Garden Tours: We have made each ticket valid for two days instead of one. In this way you can schedule the garden visits and presentation plans so as not to miss anything!

Sunrise Breakfasts: We will have at least three "hotspots" with huge numbers of hummingbirds suitable for breakfasts.

Banding: We have two great hotspots for banding in 2014—and they are both only about two miles from the Festival! See "Maps" tab after 4/1/14.

Exhibitors: The Hummingbird Marketplace [exhibitors and vendors area] will remain in the lobby of the Sedona Performing Arts Center, giving you easier access to opportunities to buy "everything hummingbird." As before, attending this area is free--no admission fees!

Birding Trips: Birders will have the opportunity to visit one of two different habitats, Page Springs Fish Hatchery and Oak Creeek Canyon. Free, but reservations required.

Ticket prices for Presentations and Garden Tours are expected to be unchanged from 2013. Prices for the Sunrise Breakfasts and Gala have not yet been determined.

Annual Verde Valley Birding Festival

The annual Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival takes place at Dead Horse Ranch Park in Cottonwood, Arizona, during the last weekend in April. It is an easy way to begin bird watching or to deepen one's appreciation of the Verde Valley's resident birds and visiting migrants. It is common to see more than 150 species of birds during the weekend, including grebes, tanagers, flycatchers, shrikes, warblers, egrets, herons, orioles, cardinals, woodpeckers, quails, sparrows and hawks. In addition to seeing, identifying and learning about birds in on-site programs, the festival offers field trips and tours by expert guides who take festival attendees to the area's birding hot spots. Participants can also sign up for other nature-oriented workshops, hikes, field trips and activities--from biking and canoeing to archeology and nature photography. All the programs are organized around small groups. New trips and programs are added every year. An exhibit tent is staffed by vendors who offer an assortment of birding merchandise. For more information, go to