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Sedona Area State Parks

Red Rock State Park

  • red rock state park

Red Rock State Park  is a 286 acre nature preserve and environmental education center with stunning scenery. There are several trails throughout the park that wind through manzanita and juniper to reach the rich banks of Oak Creek. Green meadows are framed by native vegetation and hills of red rock. The creek meanders through the park, creating a diverse riparian habitat abounding with plants and wildlife. This riparian habitat provides the setting and the opportunity for the park to offer a focus on environmental education.

Red Rock offers a variety of daily and weekly park events which are posted on the bulletin board at our Sedona Bed and Breakfast. Some of these include daily nature walks, and twice weekly bird walks. Park facilities include a visitor center, classroom, theater, gift shop, picnic tables, 10 developed trails, restrooms, and group area with Ramada and facilities.

Slide Rock State Park

  • slide rock state park

Slide Rock State Park  is named after the famous Slide Rock, a stretch of slippery creek bottom adjacent to the homestead. Visitors may slide down a slick natural water chute or wade and sun along the creek. There are also picnic areas, hiking trails, wildlife viewing and fishing. The park has short trails including a nature trail. Slide Rock Route: This is a 0.3-mile trail. This primitive route along Oak Creek is the main access to the Slide Rock Swim Area. This extremely popular area features a natural water slide along Oak Creek.

This path begins near the apple packing barn. It descends to the creek via steps where it then crosses the creek via a small footbridge. As you proceed, you may notice a historic rock cabin on the west side of the creek. You will arrive at an eight-foot wall that can be your turn-around point. If you decide to negotiate the wall, you can explore the remote areas upstream where the route becomes more primitive.

Pendley Homestead Trail: 0.25 mile trail. Features along the trail include some of the original apple orchards, Pendley Homestead house, tourist cabins, apple packing barn, various farming implements that were used historically in the homestead, and spectacular views of the canyon walls of Oak Creek Canyon.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park

  • dead horse park

Dead Horse Ranch State Park  is a beautiful park located in the Riparian area of the Verde Valley. The park offers hiking, biking, bird watching and horseback riding.  The developed portion of Dead Horse Ranch State Park covers 423 acres. The 3,300 foot elevation accounts for the mild temperatures that are ideal for camping, mountain biking in the Coconino National Forest, hiking along the Verde River, canoeing, picnicking, fishing, or just wading in the cool water.

Jerome State Historic Park

  • jerome park

Jerome State Historic Park  opened in 1965. It has continued to develop its exhibits and expand its collection of historic artifacts and archival material. The park's mission is to interpret the history of the Douglas family and the history of Jerome in the mining era.  At the park you will find  Antique mining equipment, Mineral, ore, geology and mine-model displays, History exhibits including many historic photographs, Video presentations, Picnic area with tables, restrooms and red-rock views.

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

  • sunset crater

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Roughly 900 years ago, the eruption of this volcano reshaped the surrounding landscape, forever changing the lives of people, plants and animals. Hike the trail through the lava flow and cinders and you’ll likely discover colorful, ruggedly dramatic geological features coexisting with twisted Ponderosa Pines and an amazing array of wildlife.

Walnut Canyon National Monument

  • walnut canyon

Walnut Canyon National Monument Come gaze across the curved canyon walls! Among the remarkable geological cliff formations of the canyon itself, the shapes of the former homes of ancient inhabitants of Walnut Canyon are easily evident. On a hike along the Rim or Island Trails you can imagine what life was like along and within Walnut Canyon while visiting actual pueblos and walking in the steps of those who came before us.